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Wedding Coach Hire and Wedding Services

If you're getting married this year, now's the time to sort out the logistics, the photos, the catering and a hundred other things.

At Maya Travel we can help you organise a better, more memorable wedding day by providing our luxury coaches to transport your guests. Full details below:-

Wedding coach hire

You can do things the old way - where scores of guests converge haphazardly on the church/temple, register office and reception venue under their own steam. Or you can do things the clever way, and provide a luxury Maya Travel private coach service from a convenient central meeting point to the ceremony, then on to the reception and back to the meeting point.

The advantages are numerous: everyone arrives in the right place at the right time. No one gets lost. Parking is not a problem. Drink-driving is avoided and there is invariably a happy, party atmosphere amongst the passengers.

Think about it from your guests' perspective. It's no fun turning up at a remote country church/temple in the middle of nowhere and discovering there's only parking for five cars! Town centres, with treacherous one way systems and draconian parking restrictions can be even worse.

Advantages of hiring a coach for your wedding

When you think it through, hiring a coach or two for your guests makes good sense for everyone:

  • Makes life easier and less stressful for your guests
  • Allows all guests the option of abandoning their cars for part or all of the day
  • Helps non-driving guests get to your wedding
  • Everyone arrives in the right place at the right time
  • No map reading traumas and frayed nerves
  • No parking problems
  • Avoid drink driving - a very important factor indeed
  • No congestion at the service or reception due to too many cars
  • Pleasant, celebratory atmosphere amongst the guests on the coach
  • Peace of mind for you as the organiser
  • Contributes to a memorable day for everyone

By choosing your central meeting point carefully - near a railway station with a public car park, for example - you can make your wedding easily accessible not only to car drivers, but also to guests who don't own cars, or guests who wisely choose not to drink and drive.

Drink driving

Drink-driving deserves particular mention. In recent years the laws regarding the serving of alcohol have changed, placing an inescapable responsibility on event organisers. In certain circumstances an event organiser - and that means you - can be held responsible for allowing your guests to become inebriated. If they then drink-drive and are caught, you may become involved in the subsequent legal proceedings. And you don't want that...

By organising coach transfers for your guests you will hopefully reduce the chances of this kind of trouble.

Simple or complex arrangements?

How you organise your coach transfers is up to you. It could be a single coach making one round trip from meeting point to wedding service to reception and back to meeting point. Or it could be several coaches operating a shuttle service, offering additional flexibility for your guests. You could have one meeting point or several, to cater for guests coming from different areas. You might want a separate coach for the wedding party. There are many possibilities.

How to book your wedding coaches

The best way to decide if you want coach transfers is to get all the facts and figures first. We'll be very happy to discuss all the possibilities with you and - most importantly - tell you how much it will cost.

If you've never hired a coach before don't worry, we'll help you with the planning and take care of all the details. It will be a painless experience.

For more information, send us an email or give us a call...

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